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From the Regional Director

by on August 15, 2012

Dr. Deb Moriarty, Regional DirectorI’m sure, like everyone reading this, summer seems to pass in a much too fast blur. Certainly, the start of August reminds us that our lives are about to change again…back to a much more hectic pace than those “lazy” days of summer. Knowing how different summer is now than in my earlier years in Student Affairs, I doubt there are many of us who’ve been able to enjoy those “lazy” days. For me, I make a commitment for vacation and family time during the summer, no matter how much work it is on the front or back end (and how foggy my brain seems to be for days upon my return). And, I’m committed to enjoying as many nights free of work responsibilities as possible during the summer months. I hope that everyone has found their way to find “me” time during the summer and that you’re heading into the new semester renewed and refreshed.

One of the things that I also enjoy about the summer is the opportunity for professional renewal….catching up on reading that seems to slowly pile up throughout the year, and enjoying time with NASPA related activities. The June conference in Buffalo was a terrific start to my summer. Starting with the Region II Advisory Board meeting, being at the conference always motivates me with new ideas, reinforces some of what I think we are doing right at my own institution, and gives me a chance to reconnect and make new connections with colleagues from across the region. I love the intimacy of our regional conference compared to the size and scope of the National (which I also love, of course).

Also this summer, I had my first opportunity to represent Region II as your Regional Director at the NASPA Summer Board of Director’s retreat. The meeting was held July 19-21 in Grapevine, Texas. Now, given my past experiences being in Texas in the summer months, I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled about the location. However, given how hot it had been in the mid-Atlantic early this summer, I figured it couldn’t be much worse and I was more than right. The retreat was held at the Gaylord Texan and it was quite a treat. If you’ve never been to a Gaylord property, I encourage you to check it out of you have a chance. It’s basically a self-enclosed mini city in this case built around the Texas theme with “outdoor” cafes, wonderful amenities, and a river running through the middle of the indoor open space. It provided a great setting for a very productive and stimulating board retreat.

Since I’ve been in this role since March, I now have a national meeting, a regional conference and advisory board meeting and the summer retreat under my belt. I will no longer use the excuse that I’m new in this role! These meetings have provided me with a much broader perspective and understanding of NASPA than ever. The summer BoD retreat reminded me that we are an organization in transition which can be both challenging and exciting. Kevin Kruger, NASPA’s President, has a great vision for the organization and his experience with NASPA combined with his passion and commitment to the organization will serve us well as we move forward forging new ground. At our Regional Advisory Board meeting in June, we spent time reviewing NASPA’s strategic plan and brainstorming ideas for how we can contribute as a region. Over the next month, we will be setting goals for keeping our region both thriving and moving forward. We would love to hear your ideas as to how the region might best serve you and if you’d like to be part of those efforts.

Feel free to contact me ( with your ideas and/or interests and I will be sure to share those with the appropriate board members. In the meantime, enjoy what’s left of summer and have fun welcoming your new students to campus in the coming weeks.

Deb Moriarty, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs, Towson University

NASPA Region II – Director

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