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Public Policy Resource Links

by on November 19, 2012


Please look at the links that have been shared from our friends at Stonehill College:

Alcohol and Other Drugs

New Laws Put Colleges in a Bind

Marijuana Legalization Passes, But Don’t Light Up Just Yet…

Medicinal Marijuana Wins in MA

Washington and CO Legalize Marijuana

Amendment 64 Passes

America’s Big Backyard Pot Business

Legal Battles Over Marijuana Decisions



Spainer: Precipitous Fall of a Respected Leader

Spainer Arraigned

Penn State President States College is in a Much Better Place than a Year Ago


Campus Safety

Campus Safety Teams Get New Guidance



Dream Act Passes in MD

DREAM Act Wins Big


Financial Issues in Higher Education

How Bad is the Student Debt Problem

Other People’s Money

It’s Time to Take Recruitment and Retention Seriously

Mt. Holyoke Sticks With Tuition Freeze for Second Year


First Amendment

OSU Student Alliance v. Ray


Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

NIU Student Found Dead After “Frat” Party



Election Shows Views are Changing,0,795542.story

Voters Approve Same Sex Marriage for the First Time

MD Approves Same Sex Marriage

MN Rejects Gay Marriage Ban

Washington Voters Narrowly Approve Gay Marriage

Voters OK Marriage in ME and MD,0,1194693.story

Potential Impact on SCOTUS

Minnesota Gay Marriage Ban Supported by Students



Higher Graduation Rates for Community College Transfers

Record Number of Young Adults Hold Bachelors Degree

American Higher Education needs a New Club

Small Private Colleges Must Adjust to Change

“Dean of Mean” Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

The Value of a Liberal Education




General Page and Run-Down of Ballot Initiatives

What Obama’s Win Means for Higher Education

Colleges Anticipate 4 More Years of Reform

Victory Means Continued Scrutiny of For-Profit Colleges

What the Congressional Election Means for Higher Education

Next Up for Obama

More Millennials Voted in 2012 than 2008

Half of Young People Voted in Election, 60% for Obama

Important Issues for Millennials

Inside Higher Ed Wrap-up

What Else Could $6B Buy

Prop 30 Passes in CA

Great Article About the Election (nothing to do about higher ed, just great read for political junkies)


A Separate Section for the Articles Associated with Ole Miss and Hampden-Sydney

History and Hate Speech Collide

Hampden-Sydney Riots After Obama’s reelection

Ole Miss Students Riot After Obama’s Reelection

Ole Miss Chancellor Responds


Student Conduct

Matter of Kickertz (Speaks to the importance of following your process…)

The Freedom Riders On-line (amazing documentary, and have used for “educational sanction”)


Title IX

Title II and ADA Issues for Employees who experience domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking



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