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New Public Policy Resource List for Dec 2012

by on December 10, 2012

Adult Learners and Students with Children

Where Older Students are Going to College


Alcohol and Other Drugs

Ecstasy to Treat PTSD

Smoking While Drinking May Increase Chance of Getting a Hangover


African- American Concerns

Study Compares Representation and Performance of Black Men Athletes

Who’s Afraid of Black Sexuality

Stay Ruling Invalidating Michigan Vote on Affirmative Action|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

MSNBC Host Says America is No Country For Young Black Men

Time for a Black Agenda in the White House

Disturbing Racial Inequities in College Sports

White College Student Starts First White Student Union at Townsend


Asian American Issues

Petition at Perdue for Asian and Asian American Resource Cultural Center


Campus Safety

Ali to Step down from OCR

More Changes at OCR

College Rapes: The New rules (THESE ARE NOT NEW RULES!!!!)

U CO Releases Documents in Shooting Case


Financial Issues in Higher Education

Simplifying College Pricing Information, Easier said than Done

University Pledges to Stop Using Academic Funds for Athletics–_-6839785329864560670utm_source=socialhub&utm_medium=3271&utm_content=6839785329864560670&utm_campaign=

The Looming Crisis of Student Loan Debt

Starting Date for Pay as You Earn



College Cases Highlight Complexity of Same Sex Victim Sexual Assaults

ND Approves Gay/Straight Alliance

Brief Threat to Sue Gay Blog at Patrick Henry College

VCU Coach Alleges He Was Fired Because He is Gay

School Encourages Homophobic Humiliation Student Punishment

Good News for GLBT Students At Notre Dame

Gay People Earn More, Owe Less



Health in Higher Ed

What 85 Donated Brains Reveal About Sports Concussions

Q-Tip Danger (yup, I break this rule everyday…)

The Link Between Sleep and Disease

Local News Show Dedicated an Episode to College Stress

New Drug Could Offer Depression Break Through


Latina/o Issues and Trends

Penn State Sorority Apologizes for Offensive Photo

Ensuring America’s College Completion Future – Using Latino College Completion

From Capacity to Success:  HSIs and Latino Student Success Through Title V



Wellesley and MOOCs

Online Courses Forcing Colleges to Change Higher Education

Class Rank Loses Appeal for Colleges

U Tulsa Fires AD Amidst Gambling Investigation

Blame Goes Around Regarding Unemployment (great read)

How Leaders can Build or Rebuild Trust

Anti-Semitic Incidents at Two Boston Area Schools


New Professionals

How to Stand Out in a Job Interview–_-6839785329864560670utm_source=socialhub&utm_medium=3271&utm_content=6839785329864560670&utm_campaign=



New Book Says Campus Environment Plays a Role in Students Political Identities

Higher Ed Officials Look to Washington for Guidance on Affordable Care Act


Student Affairs/Academic Affairs

What Professors Can Learn from Preschool Teachers



Colleges Should Divest from Fossil Fuels



Scrambling to Understand Veterans


Women in Student Affairs

Top 10 Best Paying College Majors for Women

Bristol University Stops Women from Teaching

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