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New Update on Public Policy for the Region

by on January 22, 2013

African-American Concerns
No on Sickle Cell Testing

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Does Marijuana Lower IQ, a New Study Questions Link

Campus Safety
Warning Signs of Violent Acts Are Often Unclear
UNC Faces Decriminalization Suit
18 Campus Shootings since 2007

Financial Issues in ED
U Dayton Plans to Show Prospective Students Full Cost of a Degree

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
Citing Sexually Humiliating Hazing, Cornell Disbands TEP Fraternity

Salem College Transgender Student Wants to Stay at an All-Female College as a Man

Health in Higher Education
The Importance of a Stop Day (please read, and unplug for one day…)
Young Adults Swap Soda for Coffee
Flu Vaccine Gets a Passing Grade, Barely (got the shot, got the flu, but did keep “out of the morgue” so win for me!)

Latina/o Trends
ASSET Bill Is Reinstated in CO Senate to Give In-State Tuition For Undocumented Students

Men and Masculinities
Wilson College to Admit Men
Debates on Men at Women’s Colleges

MIT Refused to Support Push to Keep Aaron Swartz Out of Prison (Are colleges now expected to intervene with criminal investigations?)
Essay on the Role of Academe in the Tragedy of Aaron Swartzs Death
Colleges Seek Noncognitive Gauges of Applicants
UT Considers Gender Neutral Housing
A Free Semester???
Colleges in Crisis as Enrollment Dips
BC Adds Essay, Applications Drop by 26%
Epic Sex Adventure Club (wow…)–university-of-toronto-student-group-hosts-epic-sex-club-adventure
Dartmouth Will No Longer Take AP Credit
Rick Santorum Takes on Colleges

Parent and Family Relations
Study Finds that Increased Parental Financial Support Results in Lower Grades (Please read)

U VT Bans Bottled Water

Spirituality and Religion in Higher Education
Why my 7 Year Old is an Atheist and Why I’m OK with that (interesting as we know more of our students are atheist and how we can use as a positive for “coping skills”)

Student Athletes
Dropping the Old School Mentality
A Revolution on Recruiting
Universities Spend Much More on Student Athletes per Athlete than on Academics per Student Between 2005-2010 (same subject, with a Gawker twist)

Notre Dame
How Notre Dame is Handling Te’o Incident
Notre Dame’s Real Dead Woman
A Fake Tragedy Gets More Tears than a Real One
ND Responds to Comparisons

Researchers, MOOCs, and Online Programs
The Modern Definition of College Readiness (Please read)
California State University Will Offer Credits for MOOCs

Women in Higher Education
My Dream College Won’t Accept Me Because I Am a Woman
Being Married Helps Prof/ Get Ahead, but Only if they Are Male


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