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Weekly Public Policy Update

by on February 19, 2013

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Concerns About Prescription Drugs Among College Students

Campus Safety
UMD Shooter Information
Deans are Out of Their Depth: Sexual Assault on College Campuses (Unfortunately, not a word about OCR obligations)
AAUP Weighs in on Title IX Requirements
Rape Trial Begins for Jordan Johnson
Paterno Family Criticizes Freeh Report as Rush to Injustice
Senate Renews VAWA

Financial Issues in Higher Ed
College Costs, Battled One Paycheck at a Time (biggest takeaway – students go to college because they think they should, rather than seeing it as an investment)
Help Student-Loan Borrowers Refinance
Make Colleges More Accountable for Student Aid
Obama, Puts Colleges on Notice, Again
Obama Puts Weight Behind Calls for College Affordability
Obama’s Accreditation Proposals Surprise Higher Education Officials
Obama’s Secret Plan to Remake College
The College Score Card
Reaction to Score Card
Pell Grant Changes Hurt Southern Students
The High Cost of a Cheap College
10 Richest Colleges in US

Vassar Responds to Westboro Baptist Church Protest (love fighting speech with speech!)

Health in Higher Education
College Health Plans Respond as Transgender Students Gain Visibility

Latina/o Issues and Trends
Hispanics and Asian Americans make up about seven-in-ten of today’s adult immigrants and about half of today’s adult second generation, according to Pew Research.
Obama makes immigration pitch to Nevada and growing Latino population.
Children Of Latino Immigrants Skew Even More Democratic Than Parents, Study Says
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is the largest in the U.S. and Latinos make up a majority of its parishioners.
Aid System Could Better Serve Latino Students, Says Report Calling for Reforms.
University of California System Recieve Record # of Freshmen Applications; Latinos make Up Largest Portion for the First Time.
Latin American or Not, Next Pope Will Likely Look to Mexico for Support
Association of Mexican American Educators
Washington University in St. Louis, Center for Latino Family Research

Libros (New scholarly books listed and excerpts taken from The Chronicle of Higher Education)

The Long Lingering Shadow: Slavery, Race, and Law in the American Hemisphere by Robert J. Cottrol (University of Georgia Press; 360 pages; $69.95 hardcover, $24.95 paperback). Compares the legal histories of race relations in the United States, Brazil, and Spanish America.

Visions of Power in Cuba: Revolution, Redemption, and Resistance, 1959-1971 by Lillian Guerra (University of North Carolina Press; 467 pages; $55). Draws on previously untapped sources in a study of the first decade of the revolution as framed by the revolutionary leadership and lived by different groups of Cubans.

Silencing Race: Disentangling Blackness, Colonialism, and National Identities in Puerto Rico by Ileana M. Rodriguez-Silva (Palgrave Macmillan; 320 pages; $90). Focuses on the last half century of Spanish rule and the first decades of U.S. control.

A Warning to College Prof from a High School Teacher
Why You Should go to College
Retaining Students: A New Approach
Wesleyan Alumni Voice Opinions on Need Blind Admissions

Parent and Family Relations
When the Chicks Fly the Coop, the Bitter Sweetness Comes to Stay (Yup, room got dusty when I read, and mine is only 5…)
Helicopter Parents Can Make Students Depressed

6 Technologies that Will Change Higher Ed
Twitter for Beginners
Student Expelled for Exposing Security Flaws

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