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KC Wednesday: Looking at Online Alcohol Education

by on March 6, 2013

This week’s KC Wednesday post comes to us from Dr. Monica Thomas, Region II’s representative to the Alcohol and Other Drug Knowledge Community and the Director of the Center for Health and Wellness at Scranton University

I recently attended the NASPA Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention conference in Fort Worth, TX.  This three-day conference was designed to bring together senior-level campus administrators, alcohol education specialists, health promotion and prevention staff, and researchers from the alcohol and other drug arena to focus on advancing knowledge of student affairs educators and information-sharing about alcohol and other drug use on college and university campuses.  Attending the conference was a wonderful experience and proved to be a nice place to make connections with other Student Affairs professionals working in the area of alcohol prevention.

One thing that surprised me about the conference was the number of “On-line alcohol education programs” available to practitioners these days.  A quick scan of the conference program book illustrates numerous sessions, exhibitors, and sponsors who will discuss a new, innovative on-line alcohol education program, or to publicize their traditional on-line programs.  Using new technologies and best practices in alcohol prevention, and utilizing a web-based, interactive tool for pre-matriculated students was a common theme for these programs.  Some examples of on-line programs include:  Alcohol.Edu, MyStudentBody, E-CHUG for College Students, Alcohol-Wise, College Alc, The A game, and Think About It, to name a few.

One of my post-conference goals is to sift through the information regarding all of the available on-line programs, and create a comparison chart so that Student Affairs professionals in the area of alcohol prevention can make an informed decision on what program is best for their institution of higher education.  If anyone is interested, or has already begun to take a detailed look at these programs, please contact me for possible collaboration.





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