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NASPA Reflections from KC Leaders…

by on April 3, 2013

Picture It.  March 2013.  7AM in a conference room in the Marriott World Center Hotel.  Your Region 2 Knowledge Community Representatives gathered for our annual meeting at the NASPA Annual Conference.  Over strong coffee, we began our meeting by each sharing our “NASPA Moment” – an event or moment when you realized something meaningful or had that “AHA!”.  As we begin a new cycle of “KC Wednesday” blog posts, we want to share those NASPA Moments and encourage you to share your own in the comment field. 

“I think at every single NASPA event I’ve attended, I’ve had the BEST conversations in the coffee line.  Whether a stranger, or a colleague I’d been meaning to connect with, the dialogues in those quick moments (which sometimes turned into skipping a session to continue the chat!) have illuminated events on my campus, helped me feel not so alone, or shown me different ways of thinking.”  – Will Simpkins, Region 2 KC Co-Coordinator

 “During the Annual Conference, we had a reception for the NUFs and I was pleasantly surprised to see how at ease they were talking to the Region II Advisory Board.  I remembered back to my first NASPA experience as an undergraduate and how nervous I was the whole time.  I basically spent that entire conference glued to Karen Pennington’s side and only talked to the people she introduced me too!  I was never as at ease as the NUFs were at that reception.  I was so in awe of them and their confidence!” –  Michele Grab, Region 2 KC Co-Coordinator

 “Lots of great memories, but one that stands out is enjoying the company of colleagues at Cafe Du Monde with beignets and chicory coffee during the 2010 AOD conference in New Orleans. My new friends on that day have now become old friends.” – Jeff Graham, Student Athletes Knowledge Community

 “My NASPA moment was at last year’s regional conference in Buffalo.  I had the opportunity to do a breakfast roundtable talking about Leadership Development and it definitely clicked – the KC is a way to connect people with similar interests from all over the region!” – Kim Piatt, Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community

 “The entire 2013 conference was a series of powerful and memorable moments. From my first NASPA presentation, to the friendships created and finally feeling like I belong in student affairs, I can say with confidence that I left Orlando encouraged to be bold and without boundaries!” – Paul Porter, Men & Masculinities Knowledge Community

“My NASPA moment happened after the 2012 Annual Conference, in my apartment back on campus! I hosted a dinner for the other hall directors who had gone to the conference, and we all sat and hung out for a few hours debriefing the conference – who we had met/reunited with, the sessions we had attended and the thoughts we had been pondering since returning to campus. Listening to my friends talk about what they had experienced really confirmed for me how valuable professional development is, and made me really excited to see the amazing things they are going to do in the future, thanks in part to thoughts stemming from the conference!”  – Alyssa Montminy, GLBT Knowledge Community

“My NASPA moment from the 2013 conference is: the encouragement and support I felt from different KC leaders and Region 2 leaders as I spoke about my research and my job search. These people inspired and gave me courage.”  – Tara Leigh Sands, Indigenous Peoples Knowledge Community

“Boston 2008 was my first annual conference that I attended. I remember feeling nervous prior to getting to the conference, unsure of what I should do. As soon as I arrived however, I was welcomed with an incredibly friendly staff and was quickly impressed with the intelligence and excitement of all the attendees. That excitement and welcome feeling got me hooked and led me to pursue volunteer opportunities with the organization.”  – William Petrick, Technology Knowledge Community

“My NASPA moment occurred at the 2013 NASPA Annual Conference in Orlando. I have been a member of NASPA for 3 years and this was my first time at the annual conference. Not only was I attending as the Veteran Knowledge Community Representative for Region II, but I was also serving as a Presenter. NASPA has played a large role in my position as the Director of Military and Veteran Services at Marywood University.  Being a member of NASPA has allowed me various opportunities to network with my peers and served as the stage for me to present on best practices when serving the military and veteran population within higher education.” – Lauren Williams, Veterans Knowledge Community


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  1. Shernell Smith permalink

    One of the best reflections that I have read in a long time about our KC leadership experiences. Great job.

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