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Smoking Alcohol: The latest new way teens and college students are getting drunk

by on July 17, 2013

Smoking Alcohol:  The latest new way teens and college students are getting drunk

What is it?  You don’t drink booze, you inhale it

How? Put a small amount of alcohol into a plastic bottle, pump it with air, suck out the fumes

Why it’s so dangerous?  When you drink alcohol normally, the liquor takes time to affect you, first going into your stomach, and then slowly processed in your liver, and about 20 minutes later, into your bloodstream. But smoking alcohol is absorbed instantly into the lungs, racing to the brain (Rossen & Davis, 2013).  There is an increased risk of alcohol poisoning and overdose.

What to do? Talk to students about the dangers of smoking alcohol.  It can be dangerous, and deadly.

Check out the video clips below for more information.

Monica S. Thomas, Ph.D.
Director of The Center for Health Education and Wellness
The University of Scranton


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  1. Michael P. McNeil permalink

    Creating alcohol-based vapor is far from new. Each time we glamorize these fringe behaviors we unintentional begin to promote activities that will likely never be common and also reinforce the idea that a significant portion of college life centers around alcohol. Let’s be careful with what we say and to whom we say it.

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