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Check Pintrest for Campus Safety…What?

by on July 24, 2013

James C. Nawoichyk
Director Campus Safety and Security
St. Thomas Aquinas College

It was that time again, my turn for the blog. I had posted it on my calendar for the last week to remember to write it. Well I must be hanging out with the students too much, I waited until the due date. Like every good student, I “Googled” my topic. Before you think I am just being lazy, I often use Google as a starting point to research campus safety topics. Up popped

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable regarding social media or I thought I did anyway. I have always heard people “Pinning” on Pinterest but never really knew what it was all about.  After a little exploring I decided I would join. I think I have found a new time consumer.  Once a member I searched Campus Safety and again found a multitude of “pins.” Of course not all of them are useful to my current search, some are funny while others are serious, but it is another tool in the campus safety tool box.

So what does Pinterest have to do with NASPA. Well guess what I searched?  Better yet look what I found…  I also realized I have to be very careful with time management. I just found a gnome from Butler University with pictures of its travels, which led me to emailing my student activities director to suggest we have a “Travelling Spartan” Photo Contest.  See how easy it is to relate it to our work.

Of course Pinterest is not the only social media site available. With a little help from Google and some time and patience there are many resources available to you.

I realize this is a short blog this time, but hey I need to get “pinning.”

Enjoy the remainder of your summer… take time to recharge your batteries!


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