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What are you doing for graduate students on your campus?

by on August 21, 2013

Lisabeth Greene
Manager of Graduate Student Services
Administrators in Graduate and Professional Student Services
Region II Representative
New York University, Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences

At the annual NASPA conference in Orlando earlier this year, some of the attendees of the pre-conference sponsored by the knowledge community AGAPSS, Administrators in Graduate and Professional Student Services, regrouped poolside for some informal mingling. Having attended the AGAPSS pre-conference biannually for the past decade, I realized I wanted to become more involved in the leadership and efforts of the knowledge community. I always left the pre-conference feeling energized, having found professional kindred spirits, where the line “Dorothy, you are not in undergrad anymore,“ would be met with smiles and nods indicating we are all speaking the same language. I always came away from the pre-conference with some wonderful ideas for programming to try on my own campus albeit on a smaller scale or with potential ways to deal with challenges in a new light.

Having heard there might be an opening to represent the knowledge community at the regional level, I pondered how I would contribute to AGAPSS and its mission. Diving into a leadership role would take some work outside my comfort zone as my personality profile can best be described as an extroverted introvert. Post pre-conference poolside, I had the good fortune to sit next to Lisa Brandeis, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Yale and former AGAPSS chair. I recall this stellar prompt from Lisa who took the opportunity to describe how a conversation might transpire between me and potential future members of AGAPSS should I choose to get more involved.

Lisa said, “What are you doing for graduate students on your campus?”

I began to recount my job responsibilities concerning my work with graduate students at the NYU Sackler Institute. When Lisa realized what I was doing, after about my 3rd job function, ‘orientation, registration, graduate school liaison, she said, “No, that is how you begin the conversation, what are you doing for graduate students on your campus?”

We laughed at the roundabout exchange and with my interest officially piqued, I was nominated and accepted the role of Region II representative for AGAPSS in May. Be forewarned Region II members, if we meet, I will be the one with the follow-up question, “What are you doing on your campus for graduate students?” AGAPSS is a professional home to share best practices, scholarship and advocacy efforts as it pertains to graduate students and related services.

If you work with graduate students, please save the date and join us at the AGAPSS drive-in on Friday, October 18, 2013 at Lehigh University. It will be an opportunity to discuss top issues of the day affecting our work with graduate students as well as a tremendous networking opportunity on the professional development front as well.

For more information about AGAPSS, please go to:


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